Katie Navarre, MSN, CNP, OCN

Katie Navarre,  MSN, CNP, OCN

The Ohio State University: 2013-2017

Katie Navarre is a licensed trained nurse practitioner and a certified oncology nurse. 

Katie performs follow-up patient visits for cancer and benign breast problems, acquires medical histories, performs physical exams, and orders, performs and interprets diagnostic and therapeutic tests and procedures. Katie also provides patients with medical education and counseling and assesses patients’ risk of breast cancer.

Katie works collaboratively with Dr. Lilly, Dr. Jones, and Jodi to provide the highest quality care to our patients. The other providers are often in the office and available if a patient needs examined or needs additional questions answered. With Jodi and Katie’s support, Dr. Lilly and Dr. Jones can continue to monitor our patients’ care as well as accept new patients who need breast care.

She is a member of the Ohio Association of Advanced Practice Nurses, American Nurses Association and Oncology Nursing Society to name a few.

“I strive to provide compassionate, high-quality care while educating and empowering our patients to be active members in their healthcare team”